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Cambridge at Barnette:

Barnette Cambridge Program 2019-2020:

Beginning in 2019-2020, K-5th grades will now participate school-wide in the Cambridge program.  With this, there will no longer be an application process as all our students will receive the benefits of a Cambridge education.Through this plan, we will focus on:  Learner Attributes and the Growth Mindset Model within all classrooms,Time management and organizational skill building, Teacher and individual student data tracking and goal setting, 3rd-5th Grade 1 to 1 technology, Authentic Tasks and Experiments, and Higher Level Questioning.

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Personalized Learning:

At Barnette, PDL is evident throughout the building. Students have flexible seating options, such as standing desks, yoga balls, comfy seating, sitting alone, or sitting with a group. This ensures students are comfortable when they are working, which increases their engagement and attentiveness.

Students are also able to have a voice and choice in the classroom. They are given various pathways that help them showcase their level of mastery in a way that best suites them. Along with this choice, students are tracking their data so they have a solid grasp on where they are as learners. This also influences the academic choices they make in class.

Teachers are working hard to tailor their instruction to meet the needs of each learner. We are also including authentic, real world tasks into our classrooms so students can make connections to their learning and life outside of the classroom. 

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